• Let’s walk down this path, together, just like raindrops streaming down the window.

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  • 'I fall in love with words, thoughts and ideas. Certain ideas that aren't easy to find'

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  • 'We'd sit by the window, hoping the steam would block our sight from the darkness'

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  • If only I was given a hint so as to know where to start searching. If only I knew what triggered this chaos within my mind. In any event, I’ve come to realize what a struggle this is, and yes, there has to be a way out. It’s proving to be a long and difficult path to walk down, but I refuse to believe no light can be shed on this. Pitying oneself is pointless, tackle your problems head-on.

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  • "He who does not desire power is fit to hold it."
  • The meaning of life

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  • 'At least as deep as the Pacific Ocean'

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  • This is the first day of my life

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  • As I always say, the only way to be happy is through being at peace with one’s mind. And to do so, we sometimes have to outsmart our brain. Even though I have no concrete advice to give, there’s something that always works. Stay cleer of the negativity around you and by the same token, embrace positivity as a way to escape the dark, as it is the easiest way to outfox oneself. Sharpen your fangs, for you may use them in a raging battle against your biggest enemy.

  • Quiero un nuevo amigo

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  • Be at peace with your thoughts

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  • Like a wolf, hungry for success

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  • I often dream I can do magic, that I walk down the paths I make up and achieve my goals. In real life, however, we have to resign ourselves to the fact that magic isn’t something plausible. But, there’s something else. Were you to be allowed to pause time in a certain moment, what moment would that be? Have you ever thought about the moment right before a true kiss? How you gaze deep into their eyes, how you can see the reflection of your very soul. I often dream that is magic.

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  • The hours we spent beholding the tide as it slowly came in.

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